Nonstop, Direct and Scales

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Nonstop, Direct and Scales

Before traveling and buy the plane ticket it is very important to be well informed about the different types of flight to pick the one that really suits you and avoid surprises.

Nonstop Flights

These flights are those that tend to be more expensive but faster as the trip is done on the same plane that takes off from the landing place of origin to the final destination; and there will be no stop.

Direct Flights

By name, these flights are often confused with non-stop flights. But direct flights are those that include one or more stops for passenger boarding and descent before reaching the final destination in its flight path. The types of direct flight using the same aircraft throughout the journey and the stops are short, but require to have a couple of hours.

Flights to Scales

Are flights that made stopovers at other airports and require changing planes to reach the final destination. It implies much longer than a direct flight, increases risks of delay and more certain drawbacks. For these reasons the tickets for these flights are cheaper. Some considerations on these flights are:

• Length scales:

There are short scales just under an hour to a full scale long day.

• Baggage handling:

The types of flight with stops require special attention when purchasing the ticket. Each airline and flight can have different ways to proceed with luggage handling, which must be well informed before. In some cases, you can not access the luggage as they themselves manage the transport but in other cases it is the responsibility of the passenger to move it and even check it again.

• Wait time:

If the duration of the scale is long you can go out to visit the city, as long as it meets the required documents. Otherwise it must remain at the airport and take the time to know new people, surfing the internet, sleeping or using the services available to the airport.

Types of Airfares

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Types of Airfares

Airline tickets are the record we have of purchasing the flight. These have different classifications depending on the airline, but can be classified into four types according to the benefits and services that can be enjoyed during the trip and of course, the price of the same:

Economy Class or Economy

In this class the space between seats is very narrow so the trip is usually uncomfortable and has few services. Tickets for this category are the cheapest.

Premium Economy Class

It is an intermediate class between economy class and business class. The seats are larger and a bit more comfortable than economy class, in addition to the services provided here they are also better. Also the price of air tickets of this category is a little higher.

Business class

This class is intended for frequent business travelers. Tickets are more expensive but the price is in line with the services and comfort you get. The seats are special for comfort and relaxation, including more options and benefits related to food, entertainment, space, baggage and boarding.

First class

It is the most expensive kind because it has the best and most luxurious services, and provide greater benefits and greater convenience. The cabin of this kind is the most comprehensive, the seats are perfect to sit back and relax, the service is personalized and the highest quality. Plane tickets first class can cost twice as economy class ticket, depending on the destination can amount to thousands of dollars.

Other Considerations

• The ticket specifies all indications and is subject to conditions, such as shelf life and services that have been hired.
• As the value of these tickets, it is important to protect them against loss, damage or stolen.
• If any of these mishaps happen would have to buy another ticket, except when the airline allows refunds.
• There is also the electronic ticket. Facilitates the travel process and avoid the drawbacks mentioned above, they are currently the most desirable option because even some airlines allow printing when registering only carrying the confirmation number.

General Tips for Getting Cheap Flights

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General Tips for Getting Cheap Flights

Regardless of the type of trip that is to be performed, it is always advisable for personal finance get cheap flights. This is not a simple task; It requires taking time to learn properly and use good tools to achieve the desired objective. These recommendations will be useful:

Flight reservation

• Book early:

We must be aware that flights on holidays are in demand by travelers, so to get the best price is required well in advance; Some recommend doing three to six months earlier, depending on whether national or international. Flights in low season months can be booked two months earlier.

• Picking the best day to book:

It is considered that Tuesday is the best day to book and during the weekend flights are more expensive.

To book cheap flights, rather than a specific day, you have to be aware of offers, price changes and compare, because at any moment can arise for a flight at a good price.

• Destinations and scales:

You should consider booking a flight with stopovers or to an alternative destination and then rent a car or other means to go to the desired destination, as it is sometimes cheaper than a direct flight.

Purchase ticket

• Only buy one-way tickets:

Some recommend not to buy return tickets but separately, because there are more possibilities to save.

• Average price of the flight:

In order to get cheap flights it is important to know the average price having the desired flight, so there will be a benchmark to be sure you are getting the best price.
• Payments funded and cards:

Some airlines offer no-interest financing plans and others have their own credit cards with which you can earn miles or points. Another recommendation is to pay with debit cards.

To get the best deals you can avail of online searchers flights that help compare prices between airlines. In addition, airlines allow subscriptions to receive offers available.

Prepare Budget Travel Suitcase

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Prepare Budget Travel Suitcase

Air travel required to prepare the case contemplated to meet certain specifications, this to suit the requirements of the airlines and also for transporting luggage is easier to us, so we must consider the following:

Hold Baggage

Each airline has its own policies regarding the weight and number of bags to carry, it is essential to learn before the following aspects:

• Find out about the check-in. Some airlines do not include sales of bags, it must be made separately.
• Some allow excess baggage, but you have to watch that requires extra payment.
• Know what the airline is prohibited to carry on luggage.
• Find out about the conditions in which the airline will cover damage to luggage.
• To prepare the suitcase in the hold will be avoided carrying valuables and important as money, documents, medicine, etc. And also those who are fragile.
• To maximize the available space in the suitcase, should organize well all that is going to take and above all, do not carry unnecessary things. For this, it helps to know a little about the place where you’re traveling to determine, for example, which is indispensable clothes to pack. Some other things may be purchased on site for use for the duration of the stay.

Hand luggage

This type of luggage has more restrictions as it is we will take with us on the plane.

• To prepare the hand luggage you should always be met with a size and specific weight defined by the airline.
• Here everything will be packed fragile, of importance and need to be used during the flight.
• There are also restrictions on what can not be loaded into the baggage so we will be informed in advance.
• Find out if it is possible to use electronic devices during the journey or at what time can be used.

Besides its own airline restrictions, airports also have their own restrictions for safety reasons regarding the items that can be transported as liquids, medicines and other things that they consider may be used as weapons, learn about it.

What you should know when flying first

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What you should know when flying first

Flying first involves a combination of emotions on the one hand you can feel fear, uncertainty, nerves but also be excited about the new experience. To learn what to do to fly and be calmer, here are some tips:

Having the necessary documents

The documents required depend on each destination to which you travel, then you should take the necessary measures before the relevant embassy. When you travel you should not forget to take your passport, airline tickets and other identifications.

Arrive early to the airport

It should be between 2 and 3 hours before, if the domestic or international flight, respectively. Should or date and time of the flight, the reservation number, seat and revised gate.

Luggage expedition

When flying for the first time, it should be known that when it comes to the airline and approaches the counter, the first thing you do is send the documentation passenger and luggage will dispatch the hold of the aircraft.

Through security

This process requires control of all objects we carry. It should be placed in plastic all that is or contains metal trays, hand luggage, electronic devices, jackets and even shoes. Then follow for migration to another review.

Boarding the plane

At the time indicated in the airfare for address space should go to the door or gate to board the plane. When flying for the first time must take into account changes that may arise during the flight, that the information given by the speaker. In addition, you should be in half an hour door before takeoff.

To get on the plane and approach it may be necessary to go through a gateway or by bus.

As the plane approached and have to go to the reserved seat, luggage in hand, sit down and fasten your seat belt.

During the trip must follow all instructions given hostesses or flight attendants for before takeoff and during the flight. You have to relax and enjoy the ride.

Cheap destinations for holiday travel

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Cheap destinations for holiday travel

Worldwide are numerous tourist attractions, some more famous than others. But when it comes to planning a vacation with an average budget or, should seek cheaper destinations. Perhaps the target is not the one dreamed, but surely the result will be better than expected. Here are some alternative destinations to travel:

Asian destinations


It is a country where you can enjoy beach activities or water at a good price. He has very competitive prices as air transport and gasoline. Accommodation costs are very convenient.


The capital Phnom Penh is a city rich in culture, architecture, cuisine, handicrafts and tourism. In many motorcycle taxis roaming the streets, which is popular means of transport.


It is one of the cheapest destinations today’s notable. By the change that has taken in the past years is considered as the new China, however, maintains much of India before. It is a very affordable place on everything a traveler needs.

South Korea

Both Seoul and Busan are its largest cities. But tourism highlights in Busan, brings together people internationally, developing the largest film festival in Asia. It has beaches, mountains and Buddhist temples that can be visited at a minimum price.

Destinations in America

New Orleans

Louisiana Town, considered among the most important in the southern United States. It is known for its festive and cheerful atmosphere, jazz music, nightlife, cuisine and for being multicultural.


Of all the Mexican states of Oaxaca worth mentioning, it is a city which by its geological complexity is among the very unique destinations and beautiful cheaper. Collection diversity of fauna and flora, as well as a multicultural city.


Lima, the capital, is a very big city that in some neighborhoods you can enjoy modern history and over. It is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and its beaches are an excellent choice to stay and eat.

While it is very economical destinations to travel these include many places of interest, which will make your travel experience a memorable and affordable.

Important considerations for Traveling Abroad

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Important considerations for Traveling Abroad

Never be the same travel within the country to visit a foreign country. Whether traveling for business or to enjoy a vacation, traveling abroad requires well informed before making off, here are some recommendations.

Before traveling

• Learn more about the culture and customs of the country to visit in order to thus avoid falling into inappropriate behavior.
• Check travel advisories that specifically has the destination country.
• Find out about vaccinations and other health stipulations that must be met to travel to that country.
• Prepare the documentation needed to complete and have it update: passports, visas, identity cards, driving license, insurance, etc.
• You must scan the documents to transport stored in a mobile or USB device as a backup. It also sends a copy to someone you trust.
• To travel abroad is a must stop notified a family member or friend of the detail of the trip to be done in an emergency it will be very useful.
• If possible, search for contacts in the destination country.
• Research on the Exchange. Also, if they accept credit cards and debit cards that are there.
• Hire a travel insurance to cover medical costs if improvistos not incur higher expenses. It is important to find a good on coverage to choose the most appropriate travel insurance to be made.
• If necessary use medicine or other medical equipment, when traveling abroad, you need to take the revenue and, if necessary, also a medical certificate.

During the trip

• Have knowledge of the country’s laws and comply, in particular those related to drugs. So uncomfortable and more severe situations be avoided like falling into crimes penalized with imprisonment.
• Respect the culture, customs, religion, national heritage, its people and authorities.
• Learn more about the transport of products from that country. Some can not be exported and can be considered trafficking crime.
• Always make sure the product you purchase has an authoritative source.

Get all the necessary information is made possible by reviews written by other travelers, which can be found in many blogs and websites.

Tips for Planning a trip itself

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Tips for Planning a trip itself

When you want to exit without resorting to travel agencies, the key is to plan

to accordingly. Whether it’s a weekend or several months, will always be

carefully the information needed to plan a successful trip.

unforeseen making the trip not be as planned may arise, but follow

these tips will help make a good planning:

1 When you have already chosen your destination, corresponding to investigate about it

place. Currently you can find on Internet blogs, forums, communities and other

pages with information from almost anywhere in the world and the experiences of others


 When you have not decided where to make the trip, you must first set the budget

Total available and the purpose of the trip: relax, meet, depart, risk, etc.

This can be chosen options that fit these parameters.


Planning a trip involves contemplating everything related to it, and have a good budget

defined avoid further difficulties. A good budget should include all costs

necessary and possible: housing, food, transportation, medicine, extras, etc.


Depending on where you are traveling, it is desirable to make reservations before or search the

housing when it is in place. We must be informed before and compare.

Money and Cards

Before you leave, be notified to the bank where he will travel to peacefully use

cards without being blocked. As for the money, you must first find out where

to get the money in the currency of the country you are visiting to avoid the high commissions

currency exchange.

It is essential when planning a trip, it is necessary what to take and what

2 Make a list to not forget anything.

3 Carry bag that meets airline specifications.

4 Having the necessary documents and to date.

Also have a travel insurance comes in handy to cover accidents, medical needs

and other contingencies. Finally, be flexible and be prepared to enjoy the trip even arise


Tips to save on travel

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Tips to save on travel

Taking a trip does not have to be so expensive, you can save on a trip to any destination still enjoy and learn, but you must follow the instructions below show.

In the transport sector

• Choose a flight with stops and low seasons can save up to half of the travel budget.
• Choose alternate airports and complementary way with other means of transport.
• Get the lowcost flights by companies.
• In some countries it is cheaper to travel by plane than by bus, train or other means. But in some others, the opposite; be investigated before.
• In some countries, it has several transport traveling at night, is another way to save.
• Avoid using taxis and prefer to travel in vans, bike rental, etc.
• Autostop good at being told that you can travel for free.

In food

To save on a trip it is preferable not to spend in restaurants, instead opting for any of the following:

• Prepare food buy food in the markets and supermarkets.
• A very unique option is to take a portable kitchen to cook.
• Or, take a certain amount of food list that does not require storage and practical.
• Another economical option is to find street food stalls where the locals eat.
• Traveling through Couchsurfing and you can get to eat for free.

In the housing

There are good options, but unconventional help considerably to reduce costs:

• The choice of Couchsurfing is a community network that helps them stay in the homes of local people without spending on housing.
• He did not save on a trip opting Housesitting. It consists of taking care of pets, and keep house while the owner is not, therefore, have free accommodation.
• Another option is to camp, you just need to know the options available and place restrictions.
• The hostels always be cheaper than a hotel. An even cheaper option is dormitories.

Another good option is to have a daily budget to keep a lid on travel expenses, if you want to visit a place you can find days that museums and other events have free admission.